Beautiful Ashland Wedding

It is time again for my once a year wedding. I usually tell people “I don’t do weddings,” but the truth is I usually photograph about 1 per year, usually for a close friend or family member or when it feel like a good match and I’m not on call for a birth. This year I was pleased to photograph Al and Kate’s wedding in Ashland, Oregon. Both are incredibly talented actors with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and good friends of my friends Rodney and Sarah who’s wedding I photographed down there last year.
Kate was such a lovely, graceful bride, if you;d have passed her on the street and not known she was getting married in a few hours, you wouldn’t have even guessed. I am happy to get to (over) share so many images since lately I have been so engrossed din birth photography where I sometimes don’t get to share any or only a few from any given family. So I apologize in advance for how many will be included in this post. The whole day and all the people were just so beautiful and the reception was SO much fun. I adore seeing people having a good time!