At Home in Your Body: Talent, Oregon Child Photography

This week I got a bladder infection that I avoided going to the doctor for and tried to get rid of via water and cranberry juice, which meant that I let it get really bad and painful before I got any relief.  Anyways, while I spent several days in or around my bed I was thinking up in my mind about the human body, movement and awareness.

One thing that I love about the stage that Autumn is in, is that she is so comfortable in her own body. Something I hope will not change, but likely will given, our culture. I love how she moves in order to get her body to do things for her. She doesn’t think about sucking in her tummy, unless her body requires her to do so for balance. She doesn’t worry that when she bends over she may show the world her undies.

I struggled last week when Autumn fell in love with a pair of plastic princess “heels” she wanted from Goodwill. She has been wearing the things all around the house and even to bed (I don’t let her wear them outside because I don’t want her to fall and because I want her to run). I personally hate heels and never understood the point of causing yourself discomfort for the sake of fashion, so I really didn’t understand why Autumn would wear something that limited her movement, are hard and surely must be uncomfortable. I may never know, but it seems the fad is dying down. At any rate, I hope she never chooses heels because she thinks she needs to to make her legs look better, fit in or to feel taller like girls in magazines. I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it and model a different attitude along the way while I am at it.

Today however was about photographing Autumn in some of her beautiful, natural movements. I didn’t even get half of them. In fact as soon as we got home I immediately noticed some tippy toe stands as she reached for things just out of reach and a pointed toe on one foot (for whatever reason). I imagined these photos taking place in this cool place I had seen in Talent, but when I took Autumn there this time it just didn’t seem like safe enough place to let her be free to move and explore so I opted out. I think they turned out to be a nice capture of her being comfortable in her own skin in a simple way though.


“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” –Shakespeare

And a little happy color to end the session. 🙂 Of course we followed up with a cupcake at the Cupcake Daily here in Talent. The prefect little Mama/Daughter date!