Bellingham Bucket List: Summer Concerts in Elizabeth Park

I am so behind blogging all the fun we are having this summer! Last year we moved here in June and I was 30 weeks pregnant and wasn’t really up for exploring with all the nesting and unpacking I had to do, so I am really feeling like I have a lot of catching up to do. The Bellingfam blog has this great bucket list that we have been checking things off of, in addition to some other fun things we have done in the area. It’s no secret that I LOVE the Columbia neighborhood, where we live in Bellingham! I love the school, the houses, the neighbors, the email newsletters and alerts, the location and the parks…oh Elizabeth Park! During the summer in my neighborhood the Eldridge society hosts the Elizabeth Park Concert Series each Thursday evening from 6-8pm. It is such a wonderful, family friendly event! There are a few food and ice-cream vendors, including Mallard’s Icecream, and great (and I really mean GREAT) local bands, dancing and of course children running around playing everywhere. Many people pack a picnic dinner, while some purchase food form vendors. The first week we went my family ate ahead of time and packed dessert (a strawberry pie using the strawberries we picked from Barbie’s Berries) and this week I made pulled pork sandwiches and packed a picnic. Here are some tips I thought I could have used before my first Thursday evening concert:

  1. Bring a blanket to sit on
  2. Walk or ride bikes if possible (parking is limited and fills up fast)
  3. If you eat ahead of time, bring snacks for the kids (and yourself). With everyone around you eating, you will be ready for second dinner!
  4. Get to the food vendors early to avoid lone lines (especially at the Mallard’s Icecream tent!).
  5. If you have kids that will want to play at the playground sit between the gazebo and the playground, unless you want to keep them off the playground, then sit at the opposite side.
  6. Bring toys for toddlers. I packed my 10 month old’s stacking blocks and that and the music kept him busy when we weren’t walking around with him in the Ergo.
  7. Bring a little cash, especially if you want to buy lemonade from the kids across the street with the stand, or the kid who peddles around a bike trailer with a cooler filled with sodas and popsicles .

The below pictures are form the first concert featuring the Legendary Chucklenuts. This week we hear Clearbrook Dixieland Jazz, both bands were wonderful!   Dates for the rest of the summer concert series are:

  • July 17 “Prozac Mountain Boys” – Keeping the PNW safe for bluegrass
  • July 24 “Yogoman Burning Band” – Jamaica-New Orleans dance riddims
  • July 31 “Maggie’s Fury” – Melodic Celtic folk-rock
  • August 7 “Dana Lyons” – Political folk
  • August 14 “Luke Warm and the Moderates” – Rock, soul, funky fun covers
  • August 21 “bandZandt” – The east county’s favorite dance band
  • August 28 “Penny Stinkers” – Folk cabaret