Big Announcement!

So it is now official. I am no longer a “be all things to all people, shoot anyone photographer”! I have discovered in my photography, over the past two years, that I am passionate about photographing some things in particular. Pregnant women, births, and little ones just light up my desire to photograph and create. I have grown a lot in these areas and have decided that in order to really perfect my skills in this niche the best thing to do is to shoot these clients exclusively.

In the past I have taken any photography jobs I could get to help pay the bills,  get all the experience that I possibly could and to see what niche I loved the most. Now I have found it. And now that I am staying busy shooting with these clients I am officially making the switch in my business (which by the way is officially part of Taco Lamp, LLC with Brian’s videography and design business).

I have loved the brides I have worked with and I have one more wedding this month, but after that my weddings will be mainly events where I am hired to second shoot for another photographer or imagine this: ones where I am just a guest!

This is not to say that I will not ever shoot a bride or senior again, but it is to say that I will be very selective and will be doing a lot of referring to other photographers who are great wedding and senior photographers and have passions for those specific clients.

And this brings me to my website. My dear husband Brian hand coded my website, mainly because I am picky and hate Flash sites that take forever and a day to load and force me to open them in a new window and blare annoying copyrighted music at me (sorry was that too much?).  Anyways, my site is all up now, complete with pricing, info and new galleries that feature only maternity, births, newborns, the first year and children and families. Weddings, brides, engagements and seniors are all gone now.

Thanks honey for your hard work!

Say hello to the new me!