I am really excited (and really sad) to tell you all that Brian has been offered a job in Dallas and has accepted it! It is a great opportunity to work on the video production team at Fellowship Church in Grapevine! This job has been a long time coming and the decision was made through lots of talk, prayer, fasting and visits to the church.  As I shared earlier Brian’s video production business was no longer able to be our primary source of income since last fall when the economy really took a nose dive. That coupled with Brian’s desire to do more with his passion led to this opportunity at Fellowship Church. And it could not have come at a better time. As you guys know I got pretty run down over the holidays with the amount of hours I was shooting, editing and communicating with people with my photography business ,and when my sister died during that time it became hard to keep going. I shared that I had really been missing my kids and that Brian, though the best dad ever, did not intend on being the “stay at home mom” while I was working 60 hour weeks. With this job he will get to go back to working and doing what he is passionate about which is telling stories through video and I will get to cut back my work load and spend more doing the most important thing in my life: raising my kids!


Now what you are all wondering about… Yes! I will still be shooting in Ruston! I have babies in my First Year Plan that will still get all their sessions! I will be working with you guys to plan weekends or even weekdays that I will be in town (because the grandparents of our kids are both here and anxious about seeing Josiah and Autumn) each month. During those times I will also take regular sessions, but they will be booked a month out of course. If you already have a date on the calender, consider it still fine unless I contact you to reschedule.

The other great news is that the few of you that have come here for pictures from the Dallas area will no longer have to travel! And anytime any of you plan to be in the area I would love for you to do sessions there as well!

Picture 1

This is a screen capture of our Texas visitors to my site over thee last month! I am excited to be working closer to you all!

Ruston has been so great for my business and I will never forget, nor will I ever be able to thank you all so much for how much you have all supported me as I have gone from a girl with a camera to photographing anything I could get my hands on, to developing a passion for motherhood and young families and how they grow! Though you all I have found my calling and fallen in love with my job and all of you! I am truly so grateful!

And of course anytime it does not work out for us to work together I am also blessed to have some of the best friends in the world who are spectacular photographers that I would love nothing more than to refer you to.

This is a bittersweet season and I want to thank you guys for growing with me and my family!



PS. I will still be keeping my blog and Feb is packed with shoots to show you, so keep checking back and let me know of you know of any good places to rent in the grapevine area!