Birth by Cesearan

On Christmas Eve I was able to photograph Heather’s birth in Minden. Poor girl had had to be on bed rest and then induced for medical reasons and then finally ended up having to have a cesarean section. She knew up front there might be complications and we worked with her doctor and birth team to be sure that how ever her baby ended up being born, it could be photographed.

I love how every birth is different, even c-sections. This family is so special and beautiful I was honored that she hired me to be a part of it on this amazing day!

If you or someone you know is interested in having your birth photographed here’s a few FAQ’s: No matter how long I am at your birth you will be charge one flat fee that we agreed apon up front based on what you want and where you deliver. All births come with all your images on a disk so that you can own the entire story of your birth forever! I can shoot whatever you want, but in most births I shoot from the angle of the mother (leaving out the actually crowning of the head in vaginal births), but capturing everything the mother sees, but often forgets and then the parents expressions when they first see the baby as well as relatives when they are introduced to the newborn. I will also follow the baby just prior to birth to get the weighing, measuring, foot printing etc. that the mother most times does not get to witness.  Lastly, I waiting until the mother and baby are back together and capture those tender moments and the whole family together for their first photo as a group.

I only take 2-3 births per month, so get your due date on my calender if your interested and I will let you know my 24 hour on call policy for labor!


I love this photo, to the left is Heather’s dad and to the right is her husband both in prayer for the delivery.






First time I scrubbed up for a birth 🙂