Kellen Newborns

Once again I finished editing a newborn shoot and was just itching for more. Thankfully people like to have their babies photographed over an over.  Here are some more of Kellen from today. Despite my normal tricks to get a sleeping newborn, Kellen liked to stay awake and watch me shoot his pictures. He is just too cute, I could not ask for a better job!

Oh and update: I am no longer running the special to benefit Brian’s trip, sorry! But thank you to ALL of you who were so generous with this benefit! Also I will not be shooting (unless you give birth, and I know one of you will be) the two weeks Brian is gone in Kenya (June 12-27). My best friend is in the Miss Louisiana Pageant that week and I plan to spend lots of time relaxing with the kids and working on some projects. That means there are three weeks left for shoots before the trip and you need to get on the books now if you want to get in right after I return to “work.”  Thanks for keeping me busy everyone, I am LOVING it!






And thanks so Rachel who made this awesome baby “pod” for me!

Oh yeah Mother’s Day..

I forgot that I had shown a preview of what I worked on for Mother’s Day for Brian’s mom. She was wanting a picture of all of her grandkids together so my wonderful sister in law and I took our kids out and bribed them to sit in one spot for a few minutes for pictures. We were singing and throwing marshmallows, it was awesome.


This one was made into a 16X20 and a mousepad.


And this one was for her card, lol. This one included Madelyn as well, who by the way arrived healthy and beautiful yesterday morning!

Now I am off to shoot, have a great day!

Addison 3 Months

Addison came in yesterday for her 3 month pictures that got moved inside due to the rain. Hannah, your disk with all you images is ready!