Born Bright Eyed: Bellingham Birth Photographer

Last week I got a text that Rebekah was unexpectedly pushing right then ,and it was one of those times I was ever so thankful to live  just a few block from the Birthroot Midwives and Birth Center! I got to the birth center in less than 5 minutes from the text and got to photograph her baby making is entrance into the world! When his head came out you could see a hand up by his face and his cord wrapped around both. I watched as Ann, one of the midwives carefully and quickly loosened and removed the cord. It was so neat to watch both midwives and doulas work with such calm and wisdom! Welcome to the world Finley Daniel!

Thanks for allowing me the honor of watching you become parents Rebekah and Isaac!

Midwives and Birth Center: Birthroot
Doula: Lisa Tenney