Calling all nurses!

I love nurses. It may sound weird, but I do. One of my best friends, Kristi is a nurse and I love her and most other nurses too. It comes from photographing births and teaching childbirth classes. A good nurse makes my job so much easier. A good nurse can calm a stressed out dad, encourage a laboring woman, and keep the blasted mother in laws out of everyone’s hair like nobody’s business  (but not mine of course, love you Zelda :). Anyways I have had some great nurses during both my births (that is Kristi with me right after Autumn was born, taken by my sweet friend Jenn).Many of your ladies (and gentlemen of course), have families and children that you care for on top of all your patients, so bravo!

Anyways, in celebration of my favorite nurses birthday this coming Sunday, I am offering all you nurses a special deal! Leave a comment on this post and/or add me as a friend on Facebook and you can book any session for half off the normal price or  get a free 16X24 mounted print from your session. All bookings must be made before midnight on Kristi’s birthday, this Sunday so act fast!

Oh and if you have been one of my labor nurses you may book any session for FREE until the deadline, so quick someone go tell my nurses! 🙂


Sweet pregnant Kristi!