Camera Class Update!

I am so excited about our upcoming camera class this Feb. 13th! There was such a huge response that I have decided to teach a morning and an afternoon class because there isn’t another day I will have time to teach until late summer (if then). That means the first class will run from 9AM-1PM and the second will be from 1PM-5PM. (Classes usually get out a bit early but I say 4 hours for those of you who get babysitters and I don’t want you to be rushed and not get your questions answered, so no worries about overlap!)

I have a total of 11 ladies signed up already and that means I will take one more mommy for the 13th if you are interested. Also if you signed up for the morning, but the afternoon is better please let me know so I can put you in the class that is best for you!

Email me right away to get this one last spot!