Checking out

Yesterday one of my older half sisters, Jennifer died around 1am. Her death was tregic and sudden and she is leaving behind a husband and two children as well as aslew of other family and freinds that loved her.

We rescheduled Snow Day to run sessions back to back Sunday to fit everyone in before I fly out to Seattle Monday morning to be with my family. Thank you to those of you who have been flexible to allow me to get myself together. Of course you may still order pictures from your online galleries and they will be processed by the lab. December 10th is the last day for regular shipping to arrive before Christmas.

Those of you who have told me you wanted to purchase you images on a disk but have not paid you will have until Sunday at 3pm to do so. The best way to reach me with questions will be by email. I am sorry for any incovience, if you have any questions at all about you shoots, disks, or anything else please email me. My lovely photog friends have graciously agreed to take care of any outlying family shoots for Christmas cards I might have and if that applies to you please let me know asap so I can hook you up with one of them.

Thanks again for understanding.


Please pray for the family, especially Jen’s husband Jeff, their 18 month old daughter Kylie and 8 year old son Antony. Their loss is beyond measure.