Chris and Melinda’s Wedding

On Saturday Brian and I shot (he video and me photography) a wedding for a very special person, Chris Payne and his bride-to-be Melinda. Chris is one of those guys that you love from the first time you meet him. He is kind, honest, genuine and holds nothing back. He is also a fire fighter which just shows how sacrificial he is all around, and why he is going to make a great husband. As soon as we found out about Chris’ engagement we new we wanted to be a part of his special day and it was nothing short of what I expected from him and a woman he would be in love with!

Melinda was a wonderful bride, sweet and relaxed even on her wedding day. Everyone was so happy for them and you could tell they had so much support from real friends and family in their lives that they have real relationships with. Anyways, here are a few pictures from this weekend. I was so blessed to be a part of it all. Congratulations Chris and Melinda, you are going to do great things together.


Look at thay year rolling down his face! He had me all chocked up!



This is actually from the rehearsal dinner. These guys play in a band called John Henry’s Hammer, and I knew most of them in high school. Fun times.


I lovr these two. This is Chris’ parents. His dad has fixed both Brian and I’s cars on more than one occasion.


Chris’ little sister Katie. She is beautiful inside and out. I love Katie!


Chris Payne.


I have this same picture of myself from when I got married at Christ Community. 🙂


Happy Couple