Christmas Pictures Galore!

These past weeks have been packed full of family portraits in time for the holidays. This past week I had a total of 15 shoots and a wedding, so it’s no wonder I am way behind blogging! This post is going to show off two from each of three sessions from last week to help get me caught up, and to make up for many more thorough posts I am going to give you all 7 tips to make your Christmas picture sessions easier, fun and more effective!

Tip #1 With children it is best to keep outfit changes to a minimum. Two outfits is really all a young child can last through, after all you don’t need pictures of her wardrobe, you need pictures of her!

Tip #2 Bring snacks and be willing to take a snack break when necessary. Food makes everyone happier, even me :).

Tip #3 Try your child’s outfit on before hand and make sure she can walk in it easily. If she is wearing something that’s too big or too small or won’t stay on, you will cause yourself more grief than its worth.

Tip #4 When choosing and outfit, make sure it is something your child is relatively comfortable in and it stays in place for the most part. There’s nothing worse than getting that perfect shot with mom or dad’s hand sticking in it to flatten a collar or fix a bow.

Tip #5 Try not to bride your child with things you can’t follow through with on the shoot, kids are smart and they don’t like to be tricked.

Tip #6 Have fun, be silly and don’t stress out! Your child is the most precious child in the world, of course they are going to have great pictures!

Tip #7 If a comfort object such as a stuffed toy or blanket will get them through a few more pictures, don’t worry if it ends up in a few shots, your session is about remembering what your lives were actually like at this point in your family’s history, so document it with pride.

If you have any other tips or topics you would like me to give, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and let me know! Have a great day!

Briley and Annabelle and the Jones’



The Levite Family

(Winners of my drawing at the Kool Kids Consignment Sale in Ruston)


I love this one with her mouth wide open, she was really happy!


The Gray Family



We are taking just a few more snow day sessions and regular family sessions in December. Also all your print orders must be placed by Dec 10th in order to ensure their arrival by Christmas without paying extra for rush shipping!