As all of my Bradley moms know, I LOVE to teach. I got into teaching childbirth classes because I love getting to know people, how they learn and challenging myself to make the material fresh every time.

Over the last two years I have seen the number of moms and dads with digital SLR cameras explode; which brings me to the sad part. Many of them are using these cameras on “Auto.” The mistake here is thinking that a camera with lots of mega  pixels will allow you to take quality photographs of your children. It makes me sad to see parents spend a lot of money on a camera that is being using like a cheaper point and shoot camera.

So I am thinking about teaching some classes on the basics of your cameras and how to take great pictures of your children. I will also cover topics like resources for basic editing, and how to resize your images to use on your blog, Facebook, or photo sharing site, and how to choose the best equipment for your money.

This would not be a class on how to become or replace your professional photographer. For more info on that check out this website.

Email me if you would be interested in attending a class like this. Brian and I are thinking if there are dads interested he may teach them while I work with the moms or something like that. This would be a class geared toward parents, but could also be taken by grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and the like.

And speaking of taking pictures of your kids, here are some of mine!  Autumn is pulling up on everything now and Josiah is obsessed with learning all the letters of the alphabet. They are both so different and so  much fun. Here they are playing out in the yard after a all the rain we keep having!