Cole and Austin: Forth Worth Twins!

Yesterday I had my first two shoots in the Dallas area! One of them was a set of 10 day old twins from the Forth Worth area. Thanks Courtney and Jason for letting me hang out with your boys yesterday I had a great time!

I have been getting lost around here a lot and so Brian went out and bought me a GPS just for this shoot, lol! I think he was tired of my calling him at work to look up directions for me and wasting gas! Never the less it was super sweet of him and extremely helpful! Thanks honey!




Baby Kisses 🙂


Just under 6 pounds each


I was so excited when I remembered that when I met Courtney at Louisiana Tech during her Ruston days she was an interior designer, which went she has tons of from “props” and places to shoot her her home!


Matching band-aids