Family Photos of My Photographer

I value photography and not just for you, for myself and my family too! I am glad to say that my family has an awesome photographer that matches our personality and style as I hope you do as well.

Today the Kilpatricks came over to our house for family pictures. Not just theirs, but ours too! Jenn has been photographing the major events in our lives since our wedding four years ago and she is still the best!

Jenn Kilpatrick inspired my endeavor into photography because she was the first photographer I had ever personally known to capture emotions and tell a story the way she does with so much passion. I have always hoped to be as awesome as Jenn is ever since I picked up my first digital SLR camera 3 years ago.

Jenn I am glad I am finally just beginning to repay you for so many photoshoots. I hope I captured a glimpse of the joy I see in you and your family everyday. I love you.

When Jenn gets some of our family pictures ready to see soon I will share those with you as well.


BTW, the Kilpatricks dress better than any other family I know, which just adds to their awesomeness. Jenn’s dress was worn by her mom in the 70’s.



Julian and Siriana, who are conveniently close in age to my kids and the opposite genders…… 😉







Jenn looks remarkable, even with a hand in her face.