Friends and Adventures

The older I get, the more I value the friends I have. Because at 28 years old, having been married for 9 and a half years and a mother for 7, it is HARD to make new friends. Not the casual acquaintance kind-the kind that you can call late at night, vent all your problems to, celebrate your successes with and best of all live in a beautiful, real, honest place with. The kind of grown up friends that knows the way you are and loves you anyways, the kind that you don’t have to explain yourself to and the kind that even when you go weeks or even months without talking, you pick up where you left off. I am so fortunate to have several of these types in my life, one of them is Brittany.

I could literally go on and on and on about all the ways this woman is amazing, fun, down to earth, patient, honest, kind and selfless and most of all, the best listener I have even known….but I won’t..I wouldn’t want you all to be jealous of the amazing friend I have had the pleasure of knowing since I moved to Louisiana during high school. 🙂 But honestly, having Brittany as my friend has made me a better person and I am so thankful to all that she has loved me through.

A few weeks ago Brittany flew into Seattle for a visit and we had a blast whale watching, stand up paddle (SUP) boarding, exploring and spending time together. It was so enjoyable to have her here, and I was super sad to take her back to the airport when it was time.  Here are some pictures from our time together and some head shots I took of her for her website. (BTW, Britt is a serious AMAZING pianist, who teaches children and an author of a book and this week on FB posted a photo of her and her brothers with an alligator they hunted on their family property! Seriously, she is just the coolest person ever!)

We went on a whale watching tour with Island Adventures. Their blog post here about the afternoon trip has more details and photos from our specific tour.

SUP boarding on Lake Padden together!

IMG_0291I took this on the way to take Brittany back to the airport. This park has amazing views!

And lastly, some random cell phone pictures-because well, I treat my blog like my personal journal and I want to store these here. 🙂 Whatcom Falls park, an owl in a tree, board games, and more!