Today my post is one of thankfulness for my friend Amanda. Amanda contacted me after I ran a Facebook ad targeting the Ashland and Talent Oregon area at the beginning of the year for my photography business. We moved here form Louisiana last December and I knew no one, but decided to take the winter off to spend with the kids and adjust. Then after only 3 months my hubby got laid off the job we moved here for. I was devastated, knowing that I could not easily pick up and start shooting full time again not knowing anyone here. I ran the ad to try and get get some Facebook fans from this area and hopefully start my business back up here in the beautiful Southern Oregon area. Instead of clients, I met a great friend. Amanda is one of those rare woman you meet once you are grown that you click with. It usually isn’t so easy to find as an adult. Thank Amanda for being a good friend, and for an awesome girls night out complete with Twilight and ice cream! Here is Amanda and her family. She is a photographer too so of course she never gets in pictures. I was glad to change that for her last week.