Girl Time in Convington

Friday I drove down to Covington to stay with one of my best friends from high school. It was the first time I have been away from Brian and the kids overnight since I was pregnant with Josiah 3 years ago! Brittany has three very gracious roommates who I had a great time getting to know. Thank you ladies for being such wonderful hostesses! I had such a relaxing time!


Note my self portrait taken in the mirror whole waiting for Brittany to get ready. And in the next picture Rachel, Brittany and Laura looking so lovely on our picnic in the park after our adventures in thrift store shopping. 🙂


I am convince after staying in their apartment that I must have a skylight! Look how pretty that light is. Brittany making (or according to Rachel, burning) cinnamon rolls was a casualty of my loving light. I don’t think she knew she was in this picture 🙂