Girls Day Out

A few weeks ago, my lovely friend Natalie planned a girls day out to Shreveport and it was SO much fun! We shopped, ate, and shopped some more. Most of all we had time to chat and not worry about feeding anybody but ourselves! These are some pictures of us and our food from Elizabeth’s camera.Thanks Natalie for planning this and thank you ladies for a great time, can’t wait until next time!

PS. We highly recommend Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro! 🙂

girls' day 003

Loitering long after the food was gone to stay out of the rain.

girls' day 001

Pecan something, Creme Something and Strawberry something… Sorry I can’t remember the names, just that they were AWESOME!

girls' day 002

Okay so some of use still had to worry about feeding people…. poor Leigh Ann. 🙂