Growing Green Baby’s Pregnancy: Ashland Maternity Photographer

This week I got to hang out with Melissa and her family for her pregnancy session. Melissa is the owner of Growing Green Baby, a new awesome baby store across from the Ashland Food-Coop in Ashland. I meant to take some pictures of the store to include in the post and totally forgot, I will have to do that this week. I wish there had been a store like this near me when I had my babies! The have baby carriers, and natural teething toys, cloth diapers and other great things payday loan no for moms and babies!

Anyways, Melissa is a joy to be around! Even at almost 9 months pregnant she hiked around with me with a smile on her face, just glowing. Thanks Melissa for a great time! I can’t wait to photograph your new little one when he arrives!

Check out Growing Green Baby across from the Ashland Food Co-op or visit their website at: and go like their Facebook page to give aways and info here.

Feel free to live Melissa some well wishes in the comments below!