Yesterday I got to shoot a few pictures for a woman who has helped me so much my in my childbirth education and now even in my photography business! Shonda is the nurse in charge of the Women’s Center at our hospital.  In college she let me do some of my internship hours observing her childbirth class when I was first starting to teach the Bradley Method. She has also passed out my contact info, let me use teaching aids, classroom space and recently had me hang up some of my newborn photography work in the halls of the labor and delivery floor!

When Shonda asked me to photograph her daughter Haley, I was excited to do something for her in return for all she’s done for me. Once I met a began photographing Haley I got excited about how beautiful and fun she is! Man I wish I had the confidence and poise Haley has when I was in junior high, I might not have been so miserable!

Thank you Haley for being wonderful to photograph and being an example of to other girls your age of how to be classy, cute and full of personality!