Happy 60th Anniversary!

Last night I has the privileged of getting to witness the 60th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. McGehee as the photographer for the evening. It was one of the most memorable events I have ever photographed before (and all births are VERY memorable to me!). I cannot even put into words what I saw and fet over the course of the evening. It was filled with testimonials from children, grandchildren and friends alike all sharing what an amazing commitment and love these two have for one another and that the example they have set is one that challenges not only their entire family but the world.

As a mother it made me really think about what I am doing with my children. Will they one day grow up and be beautiful, talented people and achieve good character, and have committed healthy families of their own? I hope so! Anyway, I am emotional already (only 2 more days until Brian returns!), so I better stop there.

Mr. and Mrs. McGehee, happy anniversary, without you I would be missing a lot of amazing people in my life! I barely know you and through your foundation I have a mentors, a best friend and church family that I feel tremendously blessed to know!


Mrs. McGehee’s wedding dress


The whole family in attendance


Their cake topper.


Many spoke words of praise and gratitude; Seth on the other hand, gave a Twitter demonstration on his iPhone.


Bananas Foster, yum! Brittany and I’s first time to eat them and she shared! Thanks Brit!


Dr. David (McGehee child #4) and his sweet wife, Ms. Michele. These two are Brian and my role models. (We think we should make bracelets that say “WWTMD?” for “What would the McGehee’s do?” when faced with parenting frustrations. )


Holding hands (awl!)


Dr. David sang two of the sangs played at his parents’ wedding and Brittany accompanied him on the piano. This was a sweet moment during their performance. 🙂


Congratulations to you both!