Home Sweet Home

Last night we returned home from our trip to Washington for my sister’s funeral. It was the hardest trip I have ever made. The kids did not do well, woke up often during the night and hardly ever napped, and there was much to be done at a time when everyone feels like doing nothing. Thank you for all your kind emails, calls and cards, they are very much appreciated!

On a lighter note, two days before we left I got to shoot Emily’s maternity pictures. It was the after I found out about my sister’s death, but Emily is one of those people I should be around to cheer me up on a normal day, so I was glad to shoot and get my mind off things before heading out of town! Emily is so special to me because I shot her bridals and her wedding when we were both in college and in the same major, sharing many classes. Now I get to photograph her pregnancy and her and James’ new baby and I could not be more emotional or excited about it!

Here is Emily in all her beautiful pregnant glory!









Thanks for coming by, come back tomorrow and the next day…and the next day… I have so many shoot to blog!