Kellen Ketchum Sneak Peak

Well I am so happy to say that as you guys can see I had an AMAZING Mother’s Day. I got a tear jerking video and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Anyways I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of my time with 6 day old Kellen today as well as a quote from Eli ‘s (remember that cute 3 months old?) mother concerning newborn pictures that I thought was so insightful and encouraging to me. Thank you Jennifer! And Thank you Troy and Kellye for letting me be such a big part of your lives!

“I have such regret over not getting newborn pictures of my firstborn. I was naive and thought I could take them myself, but it just didn’t work. By the time I’d recovered and all of our guests had gone, it’d already been 2 weeks and the window of opportunity had passed. It still makes me sad that I can never get those moments back.

Crystal, the pictures I’ve seen are truly more amazing that i could have hoped for. I may have missed those newborn pictures but I don’t plan to miss anymore. We’ll be in touch again in about 3 months…after we pick up the rest of the pics from this time, that is. Thanks again!”

-Jennifer Watson