L’Atelier Annabel Lee

While visiting my niece in Sacramento briefly this week she agreed to model this lovely outfit that I thought was perfect for her! Pants, shirt and hair piece all are handmade by an Ashland, Oregon local mom and they are great. She has the cutest little store and a booth at the Ashland Artisan’s Emporium! You can find her on Facebook here!

Anyway, I love her stuff so much I have to share! I also have some other pictures of another local crafter/designer I need to post as well. I will try to do that tomorrow! Thanks you Kylie for showing this outfit off on our way into dinner in the parking lot. 🙂 Such a sweet girl and she just turned 3! Happy Birthday girlie!

This is Kylie again an hour later after dinner eating ice cream with my son, Josiah. She cracks him up as you can see. They are two peas in a pod!