Liam is here!

I became a newborn photographer before the vast majority of my friends had children of their own. It is super exciting to be photographing the babies of my dearest friends. This past week I was able to take my 5 month old, Silas and leave home (Bellingham, WA) and fly to meet Liam, the first baby of my friend Claire! Claire and I met when I moved to Louisiana when I was 15. She was in college and volunteering as the youth intern at my church’s youth group. She mentored  me and we became great friends. When I went to college we lived together as roommates until I got married in 2005.  While we lived together she got Cabot, a golden retriever who was a puppy at the time. It was also special to include Cabot in these photos.


Welcome to the world baby Liam. You are so loved already!



Claire at her wedding (I got to be her wedding photographer too!) in 2010.


Me and Claire at my wedding in 2005.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 1.52.57 PM

Me and baby Liam this week!