Meeting Jon Beavers- The Real Life Twist from The Fresh Beat Band

So last fall we took our kids to what we consider the best kid’s concert of all time The Fresh Beat Band Live in Concert when the came to Redding, CA. The show was AMAZING and fun for the kids and us as well! The Fresh Beats go on tour again this fall so don’t miss out!

Josiah and Autumn meeting the Fresh Beat Band characters after the show in Redding, CA. 

Josiah hugging Twist.

Our kids really love The Fresh Beat Band TV show and our son Josiah has taught himself most of the dances from the show, which has been fun to watch. He also had a Fresh Beat themed birthday party this past year, where he sang and danced and made music with his friends. The show and his favorite character, Twist, played by Jon Beavers really ignited a love of hip hop and dance in Josiah and sparked out shy 5 year old to want to try out for his school talent show with a hip hop routine and take dance lessons.

Long story short, when we found out that Jon Beavers had helped write and was performing in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival this season, right here in Ashland we were interested right away. My husband Brian and I bought tickets to the show The Unfortunates and we LOVED it and want to see it again! The writing, music acting, costumes and everything was so fresh and unique and mesmerizing that we were on the edge fo our seats for the entire performance! In fact my 23 week pregnant body did not even get uncomfortable in the theatre seats! haha!

Today we got the opportunity to let Josiah deliver a letter he wrote to Jon and some pictures he wanted to give him of the concert and get his autograph. More importantly Josiah got to tell Jon about his love of hip hop dancing and his love of the Fresh Beat Band.

Jon could not have been sweeter! He came right up, kneeled down and hugged Josiah thanked him for his letter and offered to take a picture with him. He also asked Josiah about school and dance and even requested Josiah autograph a photo he was giving to Jon. Josiah left the meeting on cloud 9!

Jon asked Josiah to sign the picture of him dressed at Twist for him. 🙂

All that to say that not only do I think The Fresh Beat Band is great tv show for kids, and their concerts are super fun for the whole family, our experience is that these characters, especially Jon, “Twist,” Beavers are just great people. They are super talented (Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, “Kiki” has a album out you can see more about here.), great with children and great role models for working hard, collaborating and creating and following their dreams. Thanks Jon Beavers for making our son’s day today and being awesome at what you do.