No time for rain! Shooting what the Louisiana weather gives you….

When we set out to capture some great images of Peirce at his 9 month milestone there were some pretty large looming storm clouds and of course as soon as we began to actually take pictures it started pouring down rain. Peirce’s family had driven up from Pineville, Louisiana for his shoot so there was no way I was going to just throw in the towel and reschedule! Umbrella in hand we made the most of it and had a great session! And on the bright side we had plenty of water available for tub pictures and it was cooler than usual!


A small note on personality types and babies. Peirce has the well, piercing if you will, blue eyes and a peaceful, super chill personality. Unfortunately trying to make Peirce give you a big smile can make you feel like you are a jester at the King’s court. Things that help? The first is accepting that your baby whomever he or she is is who they are and if they aren’t super smiley at this age and just capture those serious and totally heart melting eyes and facial expressions. Thankfully Peirce’s mom knows that “that is so Peirce” and while we still try to goof off and make him grin a bit we can all feel good about capturing Peirce who is is right now. Smiling or looking at us like we are crazy. Perice thanks for giving us a few smiles and humoring us!





This is Peirce’s dad, if you have been a dad on a shoot with me and your baby you probably have experienced me giving you fun jobs like hovering under the eves of a building and mixing bubbles in the rain, singing and dancing for laughs, holding a reflector or even taking off your shirt for pictures in some cases. Thanks for your great attitude dads, you know you enjoy being useful!