Orange Poppies On the Roadside

I would like to tell you that today I met my new friend Amanda in some beautiful park for a play date, and during our fun time of conversation and child watching I took these pictures. In reality, we met on the side of the I-5 near an overpass and let our kids watch cartoons in our minivans while I took a few shots of each of Amanda’s girls. Not nearly as heart warming, but hey motherhood isn’t glamorous! 🙂

Thanks Amanda, for bring me your two lovely ladies to photograph today, next time we will get together for a play date and have a real conversation. 🙂

I sure am loving that in our new home in Ashland (and well all of Southern Oregon), it is still spring time! Everything is blooming and gorgeous and the highs are around 74! Sorry Louisiana, but that beats your 80 and 90 degree summer that you are getting already!