Peach Festival Time!

First of all I would like to congratulate those of you who submitted photos to the Peach Fest Baby Photo Contest and placed! I thought all of your kids should have one first, but sadly I was not a judge :). While Ruston is scorching in 100 degree heat we are celebrating the annual Ruston Peach Festival, which began with a parade this morning followed by the annual Diaper Derby.  Last year Josiah did the Diaper Derby and got half way down the run way and stop, but this year Autumn rocked her first round and got to go on to round two where she decided to smile at the judges instead of crawl. It is always so much fun to watch what all the babies do! The little boy who beat Autumn crawled right to me, while I was trying to lure her in with Josiah’s toy laptop.

Anyways, it was great seeing many of you there today, and I am pleased to say that I was in good spirits as Brian is coming home from 16 days in Kenya tonight! Yay, I made it! Here are some pictures of the kids getting ready for Autumn’s big race. Her shirt was too plain and boyish so we sassed it up a bit and made I made Josiah a shirt to cheer her on.




Saying “Monna”- his word for Autumn.


A little pre-race strategizing.