Playing in the rain

One day last week it began raining in the middle of a warm summer day. It reminded me of the kind of day that I would go outside and play in the rain as a kid. We had this big old house with a tin roof in Athens, LA (does anyone know where that is?) and the rain would run down the slopes of that roof and make big waterfalls and pools in the grass. It was perfection. I want to be the kind of mom that gives my kids that experience like my mom did. (This is often my excuse for letting them run around the house and yard naked, play in dirt, paint everywhere and just be messy!) Anyways thought I would share a few from the day that I turned off the computer and Brian and I went outside with the kids in the rain. I hope those of you with kids can play in the rain with them too. 🙂



The post-rain bath, complete with Josiah’s favorite thing, letters. Aunt Katie got him these fun color tablets for the bath water. (And they didn’t stain the kids or the tub Katie!:)


Somebody really her baths, can you tell?