Porter Cade 5 Months

Brian spent the past several day in Kentucky for his best friends wedding so the kids and I made a trip to Ruston to spend some down time with family and friends. I tried to stay under the radar and keep shoots to a minimum since I had not gotten to spend time with my family in quite some time. Since I had a more flexible schedule than usual Jamie and I decided to use that opportunity to take her little boy Porter’s pictures. It really take two of us when we get together with all five of our kids and are trying to shoot. Jamie wrangled kids and posed Porter and I shot and fussed at my kids to get their feet out of my shoot, it was fun. 🙂 Anyways here is Porter just starting to sit up and one with his big brothers too.(If you have had a shoot with us in the past five months you might know him as our mascot since he has been tagging along to nap and nurse during sessions. 🙂





I just love these boys! And this whole family. My kids just saw this picture and starting saying, “Maddok! Harry! Beebee! Go Miss Damie Hows!” We love you guys!