A Vision Fulfilled: Welcome to the World Preston

On my trip this past week, I got to photograph the first baby of two more of my amazing friends. I met Zach my freshmen year of high school at church, when I moved to Louisiana. Our first encounter was him overhearing I had just moved from Southern California, which caused him to quickly inquire about whether or not I liked the punk band P.O.D. (which I did); we have been friends ever since! I thought he could not have been blessed with any more amazing women in his life after knowing and loving his mom and sister for years and years, that was until Zach married Melanie. Now I am 100% sure Zach is forever attached to some of the greatest possible ladies ever!  I love Zach, Melanie and their whole family so much and have been looking forward to meeting their baby since before he was ever conceived! I even had a dream while I was pregnant with Silas and Melanie was pregnant with Preston where I saw him and he literally looks just my my dream! Anyways, here he is, the much anticipated Zachary Preston Binns Jr.!


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 6.34.07 PM

This is a screen capture from a Facebook post Melanie made before she and Zach were even married. 😉 Thanks Facebook for saving EVERYTHING!


Below Zach and Melanie are pictured dancing at Brian and I’s wedding in 2005, early on in their dating life. 🙂 Love these two!