Rain, Rain Go Away!

So today  I had two shoots scheduled that both got moved to next week because of rain, wetness, and or threat of rain. You can read about what Brian and the kids and I did instead here.

But in honor of this rainy day, here is a little treat that that my mother-in-law, Zelda, and I did for my incredibly awesome sister-in-law’s baby shower invitation.  I have always wanted to throw a baby shower and have a picture of the mother-to-be holding an umbrella in the rain (get it for a shower? lol) on the invitation. I know…. it is wonderfully cheesy!

So anyway, the theme of this baby shower is “Baby Gone Wild” which will feature hot pink and Zebra striped decor (fun huh?).  The inspiration behind the lighting in this photograph as well as all the technical tips came from a very talented guy named Wijita in Indonesia. So props to him for his awesomeness and willingness to share his secrets so that I could get the invitation picture I dreamed of!

You should have seen us all outside during the making of this! There were extension cords, lights, my almost two year old running around, neighbors watching, everyone getting wet, and sweet Katie just kept a pretty smile on the whole time Zelda and I tortured her with bright lights, flashes, water and lenses! Thanks Katie, you are wonderful.