Rowdy 9 Months

You might remember this sweet face from his last session with the frog on his head. Rowdy is very special to me because his mom is one of my very best friends. She is one of those friends that you hope to find in your life that is loyal, and you can share things with her when they are at their worst.  The other thing I love about Rowdy is that he has alwasy been one of the happiest little boys I have ever known and he has the BIGGEST smile ever. What a joy of a little boy to be around.

I hope you all enjoy these images of Rowdy. I know I have shot s few bath shots recently, but everyone is loving them, and the fact is, it is hot in Louisiana summer and there isn’t anything particularly fun or interesting growing right now. Plus is there anything cuter than a baby splashing in a bubbly tub?






Any of you who may know Kristi will now how much this is going to make my little RN germ-a-phob crazy! 🙂



It ended on a clean note again.