Russell Family

This is a little shout out to Adrienne my awesome hair stylist at La Bella Salon in Ruston. I have been photographing her fmaily for about a year now and in that year she has also been doing my hair……as some of your may have noticed Adrienne has given my hair a major makeover! She is always fun to chat with in the chair and makes my hair look amazing. With her help I am reclaiming some of my former self after loosing it to my post mommy body and hair. I highly recommend all you mommas and everyone else to go see Adrienne, she knows exactly what to do with every hair type, she’s professional, and super fun to be around!

These were taken on Sunday when we did a shoot that included 23 members of the Russell family! Wow what a day! Everything went pretty smooth, even with Autumn tagging along with me! You guys were fun and I enjoyed photographing each one of you.

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This is Adrienne and her sweet family.


The Russell Clan





And Adrienne again, because she rocks! 🙂 And because her and Will are so cute here!