So Brian left for Kenya Friday and finally arrived in the place he is staying this morning. Yesterday Josiah got a bad rash all over him and today I at least fractured my toe and possibly broke it. I miss him like crazy! I realize all of what he does for our family and for me and how I couldn’t live without him (although that part I knew!). It is weird to be alone so much. We got married almost as soon as I moved out of the house so Brian’s companionship is basically all I have known. I guess that is all I have to say. What a shock, my husband is on another continent and I miss him right? Well I just needed to vent and I have a blog -so there. Here are some pictures of the day he left.


Brian got a really short hair cut for the trip, makes him look so young! I could just pinch those cheeks 😉


Feeling the sadness in the air.


Wearing a new dress to see daddy off!


That might we went to go see Blue’s Clues Live put on by a local Arts Camp. Fun stuff in Ruston!


Thankfully we were accompanied by plenty of boys despite Brian being gone. Uncle Stevan, Uncle Caleb and Cousin Gabriel all joined us!


Josiah sporting his homemade Blue’s Clues shirt, and his handy dandy notebook, his souvenir from the show.