Sneak Peak from this weekend!

We are just got in last night from an awesome week of photo shoots and a little time for Brian and I to celebrate five years of marriage in Ruston! Thanks to my wonderful in laws for accommodating us during 5 days of craziness with the grand-kids and keeping Josiah and Autumn so they didn’t have to play “momma’s camera helper” this weekend. 🙂 They have 4 grand-kids between the ages of 3 and 1 years old, so its their house gets to hop’n when they are all there at once! And thanks to all of you who were flexible with your schedules to get your sessions done through rescheduling for rain and any other obstacles we ran into, you guys are great! Thanks to Adrienne Russell who carves out time for my hair when I am in town, she truly is amazing with my hair and always fun to visit with. And finally thanks Brian for driving all the way to Ruston in my mom’s van (which I know you hate) just so we could be together and ride home in one car. You are the best husband I could have ever asked for and I couldn’t be more blessed to grow up with you and I look forward to growing old together!

Okay, now for the pic. Here is baby Tait at 14 days old.


Congrats Lara and Cole! It was so good to see you guys again!