Snow Day! (for real this time)

I love the snow and it hasn’t snowed this much in North Louisiana since I lived here as a kid so I am super excited. Plus I never got my kids out in our artifical snow set up in December so I was pumped to take them out in it today!









Crystal’s Snow Photography Tips!

  • Dress your kids in colorful clothes so they stand out in all the pretty white!
  • Make sure you have a fully charged battery (and a spare if possible) because they go dead faster in the cold.
  • Exposure your picture for the skin of the child instead of the bright snow, otherwise your child will be too dark.
  • For pictures showing the snow falling around your child try using a more closed aperture like 2.8 or 3.5 and keep your shutter speed at 200 or higher to catch the moving snow flakes falling.
  • I wear a big jacket with big inside pockets to keep my camera dry in between shots, a towel to wipe flakes off the camera body may be good as well.
  • And to shoot leaves or branches close up with tiny flakes, use a macro lens to get those crisp up close shots!