Summer Time

As some of you may know, we spent the month of June in Louisiana and in preparation for Brian and I going to Kenya for two weeks with Share International, beginning next week. It has been great to be around family and friends, and to be doing lots of shooting! Please note I will be out of touch next week for the following two weeks, until then, here’s a few pictures from June!

So it has been interesting coming “home.” A lot different than I expected in fact. I guess its the feeling that I have changed and we (Brian, Autumn, Josiah and I) have all changed so therefore it almost seems as if this place feels changed because we are different. It’s hard to describe, and I am rambling. But I know I have enjoyed photographing kids who I shot their births and newborn photos who aren’t babies anymore, hanging out with family and friends and changing up the routine. This images are a random compilation of family, friends and clients from the past month. It has been great to be near you all!