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Black and White Bride

Yesterday we got out in the summer heat for some bridals. I blog primarily and almost exclusively in color, but some of these images were meant to be black and white, so I decided to make the whole post black and white to change it up a bit.

Sanchez/Nettles Weddings (May 30)

First of all let me just say that I am thrilled that we got  new computer this week! A quad core processor Mac rip off for a great price that works better than I could have ever imagined. Go ahead be jelous ;). Aaron and Erin are two of the most awesome people ever! Seriously,...

Erin’s Bridals

Here are some of Erin’s bridals from the craziest day of my life when I ended up shooting her bridals and birth and prom pictures all in one day. That day was a BIG clue in my life that I needed to specialize in my photography! Anyways, Erin had a beautiful weddinf yesterday that I...

Christy Bridals

Today I shot Erin and Aaron’s wedding and today is also Christy’s wedding (which I am not shooting), all this to say that not only are these two lovely brides now lovely wives, but I can also share their bridals with you! Here are Christy’s and tomorrow I will post Erin’s. Congratulations girls!