Teach a Photography Class for Moms Near YOU!

Are you a professional photographer interested in helping other moms learn how to use their digital SLR cameras to take better pictures of their children? Do you think that collaboration and learning is more important that competition? If so you may be eligible to take MommyLens to the moms in your community!

If you are chosen as a teacher your will be given permission to use my materials to teach your own classes,  workbooks at a discount for your students, one for yourself, PowerPoint slides that you can insert your own logo and images in or use them as is, a well as my pricing, scheduling and location recommendations and over the phone help getting your classes set up.

The getting started kit with all of the above is $600 and after that you may purchase workbooks in sets for additional classes at a discount. To apply to teach in your area email me at Crystal@CrystalGarcia.com.

Teaching packages and permission will be given to applicants who are experienced photographers and demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of photography. Consideration will also be based on your location so as not to have competing teachers in your area.