Triplets 11 Months

Last time I was in Ruston I was so pleased to get to see these three boys again! Seeing them grow from preemies straight out of the NICU to strong little boys full of personality was just wonderful! Jamie has always been with me on all of these boys’ shoot, but this time she was shooting too! Since they are all on the move now it was really helpful to have both of of shooting so we could capture each of the boys as individuals and all of them as a whole!










And a big thanks to my new friend Melodie for Wyatt’s (pictured above) big smiles at the end of the shoot! He hadn’t cracked a smile once the whole time until he crawled up to Melodie and then smiles began pouring out of him as they talked and played! Melodie is marrying my hubby’s best friend this summer, which means I automatically got a new friend! Plus its a huge bonus that babies like her :).

And thanks again to Jamie! You are awesome and I couldn’t do this without you!