Triplets 4 Months

Today the triplets came over for their delayed 3 month pictures (they are almost 5 months, but their newborns were done very late since they were so premature). I have to say they were remarkably the easiest babies this age I have ever photographed, even though there were three of them. Their whole shoot broke a record for this age group at wrapping up in just about an hour! You may remember them from their newborn pictures several months ago, if not have a look at how much they have grown here. Bless Dana, her mom, her friend and Jamie who helped me wrangle, dress, undress, and wipe three little babies today. Thank you ladies!


Dylan, Wyatt & Hayden (Okay not sure if Dylan/Hayden are on the left or right, but I know Wyatt is in the middle!).




My favorite from the day. The boys club.



Practicing for their synchronized skydiving. I love these shirts!