Tucker Take 2

With this second posting of Tucker’s 3 month pictures I have some thoughts about 3 month olds. Many of you have had three month olds who I have photographed and many of you did the shoot in two sessions. Why would these parents do the pictures twice? Here are the reasons that 3 month olds are difficult:

  • They can’t sit up, but they are old enough to want to see evrything and get frustrated by the lack of ability to move. This means that they usually perfer to be held up and walk around to view the world.
  • Most three month olds can’t push up on their tummies for very long without getting mad, and this is one of the cutest positions for this age.
  • They are hard to schedule because they often aren’t on a 2 or 3 nap regular schedule yet.
  • If they get tired or decide not to corporate there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. They will not be bribed, or distracted or care to see their picture on the camera screen, nothing. When they say they are done, they are done.

Here are my new recommendations based on these set backs:

  • Schedule the pictures first thing in the morning, no matter how early that is, doesn’t bother me, I’m up with my kids anyways!
  • Consider scheduling two 30 minute session instead of one 1-2 hour session. That way if the first one doesn’t work out there always the next one.
  • Don’t be afraid to call 5 minutes before and tell me that today just isn’t a good day and schedule another.
  • Rest assured that this happens with LOTS of my babies in my one year program at this age and there is nothing to feel bad about at all! Remember I’m a mother of two kids under two- flexibility is the key to my life and my business!

And without further ado here is Tucker from his second session! 🙂