Vince Newborns- Sneak Peak

Sorry for all the “sneak peaks” I just have so many great shoots I am working on and want to share! This is from Vince’s newborn shoot a couple days ago with his sister Alexandra. The night before this shoot Brian was out of town and I decided I wanted a cream colored wall for this shoot, so I repainted. You know those things you do that are crazy when your husband is not around to talk sense into you? Yeah, that was me painting at 1 AM the night before a shoot. 🙂

This was one of those moments that just happened on the shoot and turned out to be my favorite from the session!I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do!


And for all you Rustonites (is that a word? I hear it from people but I don’t think it is….) We are taking one more booking for next week and one more for the second weekend in March. And for those of you in the Dallas area we will begin booking families and children in March when it is pretty and we will take just two newborns in March as well so email me if you are interested!