Welcome to the World Peter: Bellingham Birth Photographer

I was so pleased to meet Simon and Rebekah a few weeks ago and find out that Simon worked at the same company as my husband and that they were planning on giving birth at the Birthroot Birth Center and that they wanted me to photograph their birth! Well after a gorgeous and strong labor, which Rebekah rocked, Andrew Peter made his way into the work d weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces this morning. He is just a beautiful baby boy and it was so beautiful to witness his birth and all the love he entered the work into. Here are some of my favorites form his birth.

Simon and Rebekah are new to Bellingham and are without family in the area so I have set up a meal train to try and help support them during this time of transition into parenthood and establishing themselves in a new community. If you would like to bring them a meal (or even order them a meal or gift card for a meal from out of town) click here.  And don’t forget to leave them some love in the comments!