Beauty all around: Southern Oregon Photographer

I am never been one to photograph nature, buildings or pretty much anything but people. Not sure why, just never really had a desire to. Today we have a few minutes of snow and a few more of rain and I was feeling stir crazy so I walked around my yard so interesting things to photograph. I took all these on our tiny little lot that we live on. Just goes to show how beautiful Southern Oregon and Ashland is.

If you are in the area I will be celebrating spring with mini sessions starting this Sunday through Thursday. Sessions include water marked images on Facebook, online ordering, and a free 8X10 of your choice for just $75. A great way to get a great family photo or updated pictures of your baby or child! Email for details: only 5 sessions available so get one fast!

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Using Your Digital SLR Camera To Photograph Your Child

Mommy Lens Issue 1:

Getting the most out of your digital SLR camera so you can take beautiful, crisp photographs of your baby, toddler or child before they grow up!