Our Big Boy Josiah Reading (at only 3 years old)

Our 3 and a half year old, Josiah has been doing some “preschool” work at home with me and recently he I found out that he can write every letter of the alphabet and he can spell and write his own name. Every child is so different, our 2 and a half year, Autumn doesn’t know all her letters still, but she has such a creative mind for solving problems and making up stories and songs. I love how opposite they both are!

Yesterday I printed out Primary Phonics’ Mac and Tab a reader book that I learned to read with in preschool. By bedtime Josiah was reading my the whole book all the way through! He loves being able to read and recognize words. It is such a fun time for him. Autumn even sits down an pretends to read too, telling us what she sees in the pictures. Here’s Josiah reading. You can print out the book he is reading for free here: eps.schoolspecialty.com/downloads/samples/357m/pp_1-storybook.pdf

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Using Your Digital SLR Camera To Photograph Your Child

Mommy Lens Issue 1:

Getting the most out of your digital SLR camera so you can take beautiful, crisp photographs of your baby, toddler or child before they grow up!